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Pistol Permit Unit

Handgun Safety Course - Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my Handgun Safety Course Certificate good for? It is recommended your safety course certificate should be issued no more than six months prior to the start of your application.

Where may I take my Handgun Safety Course? The Handgun Safety Course is conveniently offered at the Sheriff's Office, taught by a team of qualified Firearms Instructors. The Handgun Safety Course is offered several times a month. Additionally, the Sheriff's Office has established a list of approved and recommended NRA Instructors from around the area who teach a common syllabus. Click HERE for Recommended Instructor List.

How do I enroll in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Handgun Safety Course? Click HERE for the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training registration website. A Registration Video Tutorial is provided to direct you through the registration process. Be advised your class enrollment is not confirmed until your credit card payment is completed. Make sure you receive an email with class enrollment and payment confirmation.

I took the Handgun Safety Course from an Instructor that does not appear on the Recommended Instructor List, is it still acceptable? The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is familiar with and supportive of the training being provided by the recommended Instructors. Training regimens being utilized by other Instructors may vary widely resulting in applicants not receiving the same training. Therefore, if you provide a Safety Course Certificate from an Instructor that does not appear on the recommended list, your application file will be forwarded to the issuing authority without a recommendation (barring any other information that would otherwise lead to a recommendation of disapproval).

If I did not take my Handgun Safety Course at the Sheriff’s Office location may I enroll in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Program? No, all students interested in enrolling in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Program must first complete the Handgun Safety Course taught at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office safety curriculum is the first in the six course series that prepares civilians for Concealed Carry and compliments subsequent courses in the training regimen.

May I enroll in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Program if I am currently serving in the military or law enforcement? No, the training program is designed for civilians seeking a handgun permit (or who have a permit) and who have limited experience and training which would prepare them for a real world violent encounter.


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