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Pistol Permit Unit

Handgun Safety Course - Recommended Instructor List

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office maintains a list of NRA Instructors who live around the area and who have agreed to teach a common safety curriculum . The curriculum is approved by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Applicants may chose from any Instructor on the Recommended Instructor List. The Instructors are divided by geographical location and their fees are listed

Recommended Instructor List

How to placed as an Instructor on the Recommended Instructor List:

If you are an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Certified Pistol Instructor preferred) and would like to be placed on the Recommended Instructor’s List download and complete the forms below. Submit the forms to Undersheriff Kenneth Jones. If approved you will be contacted with a meeting date to review the approved safety curriculum and reporting procedures.

Download and print both forms below:


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