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Sheriff's Office

Pistol Permits

(845) 291-3060

APPLICATIONS: Available to download at the link shown below. Applications can also be picked up at the Orange County Sheriff's Office or at the Orange County Clerk's Office free of charge.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicant must be 21 years of age, a resident of New York State; or if you are a business owner, your principal place of business must be in New York State to apply for a permit. In either case, you apply to the county in which you live or have your principal place of business.

FEE: A money order in the amount of $99.75 made payable to the Orange County Commissioner of Finance. Amendments to your pistol permit are $5.00 per transaction.

HANDGUN SAFETY COURSE: Must be completed and certificate must accompany the pistol permit application. A Handgun Safety Course is conveniently offered at the Orange County Sheriff's Office and a list of acceptable NRA Instructors is provided to applicants. Click here for listing of NRA Instructors.

PURPOSE: Application requires the use: sporting, business or full carry.

FINGER PRINTING: for your pistol permit takes place at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (located at 110 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY) on Monday and Friday 9:00 am to Noon; Wednesday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm; and the first and third Saturday of the month 8:00 am to Noon. (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, PLEASE CALL 845-291-7932)

PROCESSING TIME: The Background Investigation for a pistol permit takes approximately two (2) months but is dependent upon the applicant's diligence and timely submission of documents.

EXPIRATION: No expiration date on NYS pistol permits in Orange County.

PLASTICARD: (laminated I.D. license card) can be obtained by processing an amendment form for a duplicate permit (fee of $5.00)

AMENDMENTS: Any and all changes to your pistol permit must be done through the County Clerk’s Office. Please print the amendment form (provided at link below), follow instructions and submit the amendment form in duplicate. 

TRANSACTIONS BY MAIL: To receive your pistol permit application status, amendment to pistol permit, or duplicate pistol permit in the mail, you must include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Pistol Permits

3 Hour Handgun Safety Course - Instructor