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Emergency Management 

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is a group of volunteer amateur radio operators that assist Orange County with communications during disasters and pre-planned events.

During major disasters amateur radio volunteers provide a critical link in governmental communications and play a key role in supporting their communities during times of crisis.

Orange County RACES also acts as the Skywarn spotter network for the Orange County area. These volunteers provide crucial weather observations that are supplied to National Weather Service and Orange County Emergency Management. This information is invaluable in determining future forecasts and issuing protective action recommendations to the public.


 Orange County RACES at Emergency Services Center


RACES Supports a Training Exercise

RACES Eligibility

Any United States citizen who possesses a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator License, Technician Class or higher, is eligible to become a member of RACES. The services of amateurs who have a Novice Class license may be used, but this is not recommended due to the privilege limitations. All RACES operators are required to operate within the restrictions of their license class, as per FCC part 97.

To Become a RACES Volunteer
If you would like to become a RACES volunteer or would like more information please email the RACES Team Leader, Steve Fleckenstein at