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Craig Cherry, STOP-DWI Coordinator

The mission of the Orange County STOP-DWI and Traffic Safety Program is to further traffic safety through the coordination of enforcement, prosecution, probation, rehabilitation, public information and school and community education efforts. This is accomplished by collaborating with our partners, communities and stakeholders to develop and implement creative programs and initiatives to promote safer roadways and to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities.

The STOP-DWI Program was created by the State Legislature in 1981 and stands for "Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated". STOP-DWI is based on the philosophy that innovative local efforts are the key to solving the drinking/drugging and driving problem. The emphasis of the program is to coordinate as many deterrents as possible, providing comprehensive solutions. STOP-DWI efforts are funded entirely from fines paid by convicted drunk drivers, no tax dollars are used.

Local STOP-DWI & Traffic Safety Initiatives Include:

  • Community & School Education – Speakers, Driving Simulators, Not One More Forums, Teen Driving Safety Classes, Exhibits, Videos, Brochures, Fatal Vision Goggles, Bicycle Safety, Senior Driving.

For more information contact: Christina M. Hale, STOP-DWI Administrator, (845) 615-0575

                                                      John E. Jones, STOP-DWI Program Assistant, (845) 615-0559

                                                      Chris Saccone(845) 615-0566