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Department of General Services

About Us

The Department of General Services will excel in its mission of providing dedicated Operational, procedural and technical support that enhances the performance of all County departments and agencies by providing quality services in a prompt, efficient, ethical, innovative and cost effective manner...thereby ensuring a continuous high level of services for the public, taxpayers and businesses that we serve.

The Department of General Services consists of two divisions focusing on the procurement of goods, services and government operations; and contract compliance and policy development.

The Procurement and Government Operations Division will focus on aspects related to the procurement of goods and services, including: processing, development, writing, letting, opening and awards of bids as well as the processing of requests for proposals to achieve the lowest price possible for County Government departments and agencies.

The Contract Compliance and Policy Division will ensure that County contracts are being adhered to and business policies are up to date to provide maximum cost efficiencies. A thorough review of business practices, grant opportunities and operational policies will result in a substantial cost savings to County Government.