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Community Health Outreach

Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program

The Comprehensive Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program is a set of related initiatives to prevent tobacco use in Orange County. It is modeled after successful strategies in other areas in the United States. This program includes six elements:

  • Community Programs
  • School-Based Programs
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Counter Marketing
  • Enforcement
  • Surveillance and Evaluation
For more information On:
  • Quitting or to sign up for free smoking cessation classes 
  • Training to become facilitators of cessation groups
  • American Cancer Society: Living Well…Tobacco Free – tobacco education, occupation policy and cessation
  • American Cancer Society: Make Yours A Fresh Family Start – for pregnant women and parents who smoke
  • TAP and TEG – teen education programs to stop using tobacco
  • "Take the Smoke-Free Home Pledge", sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Educational presentations to civic, business and community groups on the dangers of tobacco
  • Free literature (pamphlets, brochures, posters)
  • Loan library of videos and school curricula 

please call the Community Health Outreach Office at (845) 568-5237, or email: