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Office for the Aging

Senior Council Officers

The Council is comprised of the President or a delegate from each of the more than sixty (60) senior clubs in Orange County. The purpose of the Council is to serve as a facilitator/troubleshooter for the clubs, organize events for the older adults in Orange County, serve as an efficient conduit of information the Office for the Aging needs to share with the clubs and vice versa. Another important function of the Council is to advocate for the benefit of all seniors in the County. The Council meets quarterly in a central location to conduct business and preview presenters they can invite to speak at their clubs.

The Officers of the Senior Council
  • President - Vincent Poloniak
  • Vice President - Vera Green
  • 2nd Vice President - Carmen Verbert
  • Secretary - Fran Roach
  • Treasurer - Joseph Kovacs

ANY SENIOR MAY ATTEND COUNCIL MEETINGS. Call 845-615-3700 for information.