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Department of Human Resources


The work involves responsibility for assisting the Orange County Sheriff with the overall administration of the Sheriff's Department which consists of more than four hundred (400) employees and a budget of approximately $58 million. The work is carried out with broad latitude allowed for independent responsibility and judgment and involves overseeing the Department's fiscal and all other operating affairs. Supervision is exercised over the Department's managerial and senior supervisory law enforcement, corrections, and clerical personnel. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Sheriff. The Undersheriff acts for the Sheriff in their absence. The position is appointed and the appointee serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.


The Candidate must:

(1) Possess ten (10) years of law enforcement experience, that includes a minimum of five (5) years served in an investigative capacity and a minimum of five (5) years in a supervisory capacity serving as a commissioned officer within a law enforcement agency and/or as an executive board member of a police labor union with a membership of not less than one hundred (100) members.

(2) Currently possess a valid New York State DCJS certification as a police officer and/or trooper and be able to qualify with department issued weapon (currently Glock model 22, .40 cal).

(3) Currently possess a valid New York State Driver’s license with no restrictions.

(4) Have successfully completed a minimum of sixty (60) credit hours in a recognized institution of higher education in the field of criminal justice, police science or a related field. Bachelors or advanced degree is preferred.

(5) Have prior experience in creating, analyzing and operating a budget not less than $750,000. Extensive experience in the budgeting process is preferred.

(6) Have prior experience in collective bargaining, including dispute resolution processes, within New York State. Extensive experience in the labor/management forum regarding negotiations, discipline process, internal investigation and employee rights is preferred.

(7) Have prior experience with inter-department government relations. Experience in large governments is preferred.

(8) Have prior experience appearing, testifying and otherwise interacting with legislative committees and/or legislative leadership.

(9) Have the ability to express ideas, policies and other matters professionally in the written and verbal form, including basic computer, e-mail and internet experience.

(10) Successfully pass a police background investigation that includes a drug screen.
Salary range: $80,960.12 – $132,700.97 per year


Send application to:

Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Carl E. DuBois, Sheriff
110 Wells Farm Road
Goshen, NY 10924
Phone: (845) 291-7900

Applications must be submitted by close of business on December 1, 2017