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Department of Planning

Maybrook, Village 

Zoning Maps

New York State is a “home rule” state, and therefore local governments, not counties, each adopt and enforce zoning ordinances. All forty-two (42) municipalities within Orange County have adopted their own zoning code and zoning map. The Orange County Department of Planning, driven by an inherent interest in zoning and enabled by a technical ability to create and amend maps, strives to maintain current versions of zoning maps for all municipalities within Orange County. These maps are used by the Department of Planning to inform planning policies, understand areas where future growth may likely occur, assess the suitability and compliance of various land use proposals, and for numerous other purposes.

Disclaimer: Zoning maps are posted online for the purpose of public accessibility. The accuracy of zoning district boundaries shown herein may or may not have been verified by the municipality. Contact the Village of Maybrook regarding any questions about zoning or to determine a zoning district boundary.

The Village of Maybrook chose to have the Department of Planning produce their Official Zoning Map. The following is the Official Zoning Map for the Village of Maybrook, but has not yet been certified as accurate by the Village of Maybrook. Therefore, the Planning Department does not guarantee the accuracy of the zoning information shown within the Official Zoning Map.