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Department of Planning

OC Comprehensive Plan: Strategies for Quality Communities

The Orange County Comprehensive Plan provides guidance and a county-wide or regional context on how land might best be used, developed and preserved, as well as how financial, technical and infrastructure resources might be effectively provided to county, municipal and community leaders. It also defines primary trends, assets and challenges the County, and its partner municipalities, share. Every five years, the OC Commissioner of Planning, in consultation with the Orange County Executive and the Orange County Planning Board, must review and update the Plan and submit it to the County Legislature for approval. Consistent with New York State General Municipal Law § 239-d, the OC Comprehensive Plan has two effects: that all county land acquisitions and public improvements be in accordance with the County Comprehensive Plan and that all plans for capital projects of a municipality (including the County) or state governmental agency on land included in the County Comprehensive Plan must take the Plan into consideration.


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