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Department of Planning

Solar Resources

NYS Model Solar Energy Law  

Guide to Understanding Solar Warranties
Good overview of consumer protection issues on solar panels, batteries, and inverters, and provides a list of critical questions to ask your installer.

Planning a Home Solar Electric System
Orients the homeowner to the questions to ask before shopping for solar, including overall energy consumption and the ability to reduce it, building orientation and condition, and economics of various options.

Small Solar Electric Systems
Helps to lay out the basics about a PV system, what types of solar cells there are , and what materials are used. The article also goes over small solar electric modules, solar electric arrays, and energy performance.

Installing and Maintaining a Home Solar Electric System 
For a list of questions a homeowner should ask themselves and what they should ask their installer about their experience and qualifications and the system they will be installing.
Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems
This gives a basic overview of a grid-connected renewable energy system from the requirements from your installer to addressing safety and power quality to contractual issues for grid-connected systems.

Listen Up: Combining Solar and Storage for Commercial Buildings
Talks with CEO of Green Charge Networks – talks about his technology/software
 compensating the utility for the peak generating capacity

Listen Up: Filing for Your Solar Investment Tax Credit
Educates the listener about the rules for applying for their Solar Investment Tax Credit and how to fill out the IRS Form #5695.

Listen Up: Financing Options for Your Rooftop Solar System  
This podcast talks about financing options and goes through cash purchase, home equity loans, ordinary bank loans, leases, Power Purchase Agreements and Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans.

Listen Up: How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?
Information for the homeowner on the upkeep of solar panels and what factors go into how often they should be cleaned.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk About Safe Solar Equipment
With a guest from the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards, this podcast talks about the new standards for PV modules, racking and inverters for 2014.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk Rooftop Solar Safety with Fire Captain Matt Paiss 
With a Fire Captain as a guest, this podcast talks about the compromises that must be made when addressing firefighter safety, property protection and clean energy usage when having roof mounted solar panels in a house fire emergency.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk About Solar Reliability
A podcast with a guest residential and commercial installer talking about the reliability of rooftop systems and the reputation of the solar industry itself.

Listen Up: Residential Solar Financing Options
Financing options are important. Here are the differences between solar loans and solar leases.

Listen Up Update: What Solar Panels Should I Buy?
Advice on navigating the confusion on picking out the panel that is best for you out of a selection of different choices.

Truth: Rooftop Solar Capacity Benefits All Ratepayers
PV solar can lead to lower peak-hour energy prices for everyone. Learn how this happens.