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Department of Planning

2012 County Agricultural District Eight Year Review

Every eight years, Orange County Agricultural Districts 1 and 2 are reviewed to determine if any parcels should be removed from the Districts. Properties may only be removed from the Agricultural Districts during the eight year review. In 2012, this review was run concurrently with the 2012 Annual Agricultural District Review, which allowed property owners to apply for inclusion into an Agricultural District for their properties during the month of March.

During the eight year review, the Orange County Legislature, the Orange County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB), the Orange County Division of Real Property and the Orange County Planning Department worked in conjunction with the municipalities that contain properties within one or both of the County Agricultural Districts to determine which properties no longer met the requirements for inclusion in the District and/or would not be beneficial to the agricultural community to be included. These municipalities included the towns of Blooming Grove, Chester, Cornwall, Crawford, Deerpark, Goshen, Greenville, Hamptonburgh, Minisink, Monroe, Montgomery, Mount Hope, New Windsor, Newburgh, Wallkill, Warwick, Wawayanda, and Woodbury and the villages of Chester, Florida, Kiryas Joel, Maybrook, Montgomery, South Blooming Grove, Warwick, Washingtonville, and Woodbury.

There was a public comment period. During this time, information was gathered from farmers about any of their properties within the Agricultural Districts. The AFPB reviewed the properties proposed for addition or removal and sent its recommendations to the Orange County Legislature. The Orange County Legislature then reviewed the AFPB’s recommendations at a public hearing and adopted the proposed changes. Then, it sent its findings to the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets for certification. Once certified, the properties are immediately added or removed from either County Agricultural District 1 or 2. For more detailed information about the eight year process, please refer to the below link(s). Please be aware that this website will be updated periodically, as the review process progresses.