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Department of Planning

Agricultural Resources

The Orange County Planning Department (Planning) works with various local, regional and state organizations and departments to encourage agricultural businesses and protect farmland throughout the County.

The links included in the sections below provide additional information for farmers and others who are involved with or interested in agriculture.

Shop our farms and farmers' markets for fresh produce, meats and dairy, Christmas trees, craft beverages, and so much more. Find your local farmers market here or a farm stand here.

County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB)
Planning provides staff assistance to the County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB), which meets monthly to address issues impacting  agriculture, to promote agriculture, and to oversee the official Agricultural Districts. The members of the AFPB are Jack Hoeffner (Chairman), Len DeBuck  (Vice Chairman), David Church, Bill Johnson, John McCarey, Paul Ruszkiewicz, John Sanford, Mike Simpson, Dennis Smith, Maire Ullrich, and John  Wright. To contact the AFPB, call or e-mail Jennifer MacLeod (Secretary) at (845) 615-3854 or

Community Farmers Market and Farm Support 
Information about the local Farmer’s Markets is updated annually to steer consumers to the different markets in the County. This page also includes a guidance document for those who are interested in starting a new farmer’s market.

Orange County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan
In February 2015, Planning adopted an update to its County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. The Orange County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan identified five priority goals to improve the overall viability of farms and farming in Orange County. Download the plan here.

Farmland Preservation
Many partners have been engaged in farmland preservation efforts in Orange County for years. This map shows the farms that have been protected to date.

Agriculture and Farming Support Organizations
Numerous federal, state and private organizations are available to assist farmers in all aspects of their business operations

Additional Resources: