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Q Who do I speak with to see if my taxes are current or to get amounts due on taxes that are late?
A The Orange County Dept of Finance; they can be reached at (845) 291-2480.

Q Who should I speak with if I have a problem with my assessment?
A Your assessor is responsible for the assessment on your property; any questions regarding assessment should be directed to your local assessor. (see Assessors/Collectors for the names and phone numbers of your Local Assessors)

Q Where can I file a deed and what is the cost?
A Deeds are filed in the County Clerks Office. Questions regarding filing costs and policies should be directed to the County Clerks Office. (845)291-2690.

Q Where do I review other assessments in my town?
A A copy of your town’s Assessment Roll can be viewed at your town assessor’s office. In addition, we also have a PC with Image Mate loaded on it for public use at our office in Goshen where real property data may be viewed. This information is also available through our website (please see the Parcel Info section of our web site).

Q What Tax Sale information may I get from your office?
A Most questions regarding the tax sale auction can be answered by viewing the Deed Sale section of our web site. Further questions can be directed to Eric Ruscher (845-291-2491) or Donna Fonseca (845-291-2492) of this office.

Q How do I order a tax map?
A Tax Maps can be purchased from our Tax Map Department. Please see the Tax Map section of our web site for pricing information.

Q How can I get additional information using the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)?
A Real Property FOIL request can be submitted via fax @ (845) 291-2499 or dropped off at this office. Please use the FOIL Request form (found in our Taxpayer Information section) to complete your request