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Department of Social Services

Adult Protective Services

Protecting Adults from Abuse and Neglect

Adults, 18 or older, may need protective services for a variety of reasons:

  • They have a physical or mental impairment.
  • They can no longer protect themselves from neglect, abuse, or hazardous situations.
  • They cannot provide for their most basic needs for food, clothing, shelter or medical care.
  • They have no one willing or able to help in a responsible manner.
What Services Are Available?

In providing services to impaired adults, it is required for Protective Services for Adults to work with agencies dealing with aging, medical and mental health, legal issues, and law enforcement. Services available by Protective Services for Adults include:
  • Investigation and assessment of the adult's needs and risk of harm
  • Counseling for the victimized adult and their family
  • Advocacy and case management services including arranging for medical and mental health assessments, applying for benefits and assuring coordinated delivery services
  • Finding alternative living arrangements, including providing emergency room and board for up to 30 days
  • Financial management services, including serving as Representative Payee, Homemaker and housekeeper chore services, within specified limits
  • Crisis interventions, such as securing access orders, involuntary protective service orders and orders of protection
  • Long-term legal interventions, such as pursuing guardianship 
If  you believe an adult is in immediate danger due to suspected abuse or neglect call 911 or your local police department

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