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Orange County Transportation Council

Harriman Transit Supportive Development Case Study

“The Harriman Transit Supportive Development Case Study is examining the potential for transit supportive development on 111 acres of land located near the Harriman Train Station in southeastern Orange County. Transit supportive development refers to higher-density, well designed, mixed residential and commercial development that maximizes utilization of transit services and which encourages bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation between land uses. The overall objective of the Case Study is to help create a framework for transit supportive development that ensures that detailed site, architectural, landscape and other designs are cohesive, coordinated and high quality for the area in question through meetings and discussion among involved landowners, municipal leaders, MTA-Metro North and other key stakeholders. This case study is one of four which are being undertaken across New York State through a Shared Cost Initiative of the NYS Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations of which the Orange County Transportation Council is a member. More information about the Association is available at".

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