Eviction Policy

Notice to Petitioner In Eviction Proceedings

Evictions are processed through our Civil Unit and after all applicable fees are paid, it is given to the Deputy Sheriff for service. Once the eviction is served the tenant will generally have fourteen days to vacate the premises. This does not include the day of service, but does include weekends or holidays. Evictions can only be scheduled on business day.

The Deputy sheriff will contact you by telephone with the next scheduled available out date and the time he or another Deputy Sheriff will be reporting back to the premises.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for having an adequate number of movers ready in case the tenant is not out by the out date. All property must be removed in a timely manner and placed curbside by sunset. It may also be necessary for you to provide a locksmith in order to gain access to the premises. Any vehicles left on the property please refer to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for proper removal of abandoned and unclaimed vehicles.     

The location to be evicted is to be opened by the landlord/representative so the Deputy Sheriff can complete a safety walk thru. After that is concluded the landlord/representative will have all the tenants property removed and placed curbside and covered. Once all the tenants property has been removed the Deputy will do another walk through and verify that all the property has been removed. The Deputy then will advise that the eviction is complete and turn possession back over to the landlord/representative.

Failure to Appear

Your out date will be cancelled if you fail to appear on the date and time of the eviction and/or your movers are not ready. We will return the original warrant to the court and your fees will not be refunded.

Withdrawing Your Eviction

If you wish to withdraw your eviction before the scheduled day, you must deliver your written request no later than the business day before the eviction by 4:30 pm to the Civil Unit, or you may fax a letter with photo ID to the Civil Unit at (845) 291-7603. Attorneys must have the request on letterhead. After faxing, please call our office to verify that your fax was received.

Eviction Cancellation Form

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