Service of Civil

Actions Processed

The Civil Unit processes the following actions for the public and legal community.

  • Civil arrest
  • The enforcement of Orders of Seizure and Attachment
  • Evictions
  • The execution and enforcement of court orders
  • Income and property executions
  • Service and enforcement of family court process
  • Service of summons, complaints, subpoenas and petitions

Requirements for Service

The Civil Unit cannot serve to a P.O. Box, petitioner must supply a physical address to all parties to be served. All papers must be delivered to the Civil Unit by mail or personal delivery at the Sheriff’s Office.

Please print and fill out the Civil Process Information Sheet (PDF) and include it in the papers to be served.

If copies of the papers to be served are required to be made by the Civil Unit an additional cost will be added at $1.00 per page.


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  1. Civil Unit

    Mailing Address
    Civil Unit
    110 Wells Farm Road
    Goshen, NY 10924

    Fax: 845-360-9089

  2. Physical Address
    110 Wells Farm Road
    Goshen, NY 10924