Application Process


Following are the steps required for you, the applicant, to submit an application:

  • Complete the Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01) and the Arrest / Charge Affidavit ( PPS-02, must be read carefully and notarized).
  • Call the Pistol Permit Unit at 845-291-7932 and make an appointment to be fingerprinted.
  • When you arrive for your fingerprinting appointment, you will need:
  • The completed Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01)
  • Completed and Notarized Arrest / Charge Affidavit (PPS-02)
  • Valid Identification, *Must be New York State Driver License or New York State Non-Driver ID*
  • A check or Money Order in the amount of $97 made payable to the Orange County Commissioner of Finance.
  • Complete two copies of your State of New York Pistol / Revolver License Application as well as a packet of supplemental documents and return within 60 days to an Investigator at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and schedule final interview.
  • Handgun Safety Course
  • Final interview, an Investigator will review all of your paperwork with you.

Further Instructions

Instructions will be provided for all the documents you will need to complete and provide. However, if you have any questions, please call the Pistol Permit Unit at 845-291-7932.

Safety Course

As a Pistol Permit applicant, you are required to complete a Handgun Safety Course and a certificate must accompany the Pistol Permit Application. A Handgun Safety Course is conveniently offered at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. For more information, visit the Handgun Safety Course page.

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  2. Physical Address
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