Pistol Permit Application Process


Please do not call the Pistol Office for help registering for a fingerprinting appointment or the Posses/Premises | Concealed Carry Course. For all registration inquiries, contact the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Unit at 845-291-4005 or email handguntraining@orangecountygov.com.


This is an ongoing case that, may impact parts of the Pistol Permit Application process. If one or more elements of the application process remain changed when you submit your completed application your assigned Investigator will assist in making sure your application is complete under the current law guidelines set forth by the courts.

How to Apply for a New York State Pistol/Handgun License


Step One: Register to be Fingerprinted 


1.    To create an account at the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training website, click the button that says, “Log In/Create Account”. This button is located on the left, just below the graphic of the targets. A pop-up box will appear. Fill in all information requested. When you have successfully created your account, refresh your browser, and sign in with the username and password you just created. 

2.    Click the illuminated blue tab that says, “Fingerprinting for Handgun License”. Select and pay for an available fingerprinting appointment. A session is available if you see displayed 0/1 and you can continue through the prompts to payment. A session is full if you see displayed 1/1 and a prompt appears that says "session is full". There is only one registrant per thirty-minute session.  

3.    Continue through the online prompts to make a payment. The fee for fingerprinting is $111.50 and must be paid at the time of registration. You may pay with a credit or debit card. Registration for a fingerprinting appointment is non-refundable. Do NOT miss your appointment. If you have an emergency prior to your scheduled appointment, call the Pistol Office at 845-291-7932.

4.  The last page you will see is the receipt of payment. Check to make sure the receipt has you listed for the fingerprint appointment you intended to select. Locate the print and email buttons at the top of the receipt to print or have a copy emailed to you. Check your Spam or Junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox. It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of your registration receipt and bring it to your fingerprinting appointment.

5.    Fingerprinting takes place at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office located at 110 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY 10924. This is the only facility in Orange County authorized to fingerprint applicants for the New York State Handgun License. If you live in Orange County, you must use the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for your fingerprinting.

→   To register for a fingerprinting appointment, click HERE.

Step Two: Register for Handgun Permit Training Courses 

The Sheriff’s Office offers two training courses. If you are applying for the Concealed Carry Permit, you will need to complete the NYS required eighteen-hour Concealed Carry Permit Course. The Sheriff’s Office offers this course in three, six-hour, days; to be taken consecutively.  You may also take this training course with any duly authorized instructor. It is recommended you reach out to area firearms ranges, clubs, and gun stores for available training.

If you are applying for the Possess on Premises Permit, you will need to complete a Handgun Safety Course or equivalent, required by the Orange County Licensing Authorities (Judges).   If you are transferring your license from another county to Orange County, the Judges may also require you to take a Handgun Safety Course. You will receive a letter from the Clerk's Office with instructions. 

To complete the Handgun Safety Course, register for the Posses on Premises Course listed under the Concealed Carry Permit Course at the registration website. The Possess on Premises Course is held on the first day of the three-day (18-hour Concealed Carry Permit Course) and satisfies the Judge's training requirement. You may also take this training course with another provider. It is recommended you check with area sportsman's clubs, gun clubs, and ranges for available training.

It is highly recommended that you review and understand the difference between the two licenses and register for the course that satisfies the type of permit you are applying for. Click here for more information: https://gunsafety.ny.gov/

 →  To register for Handgun Training Courses taught at the Sheriff’s Office, click HERE 

NOTE:  You will have 90 days from the date of your fingerprinting appointment (not the date you registered for fingerprinting) to complete the Possess on Premises, or Concealed Carry Permit Course. (See instructions below under Step Five).

Step Three: Prepare for Fingerprinting 

You must complete and bring the following completed forms with you to your fingerprinting appointment. Two forms must be notarized prior to arrival at your appointment. Click the links below to download and print all forms. The forms may also be picked up in person at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Pistol Permit Unit (normal business hours).  

Items you must bring to your fingerprinting appointment:

1.    Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01)

2.    Arrest / Charge Affidavit (PPS-02)- (Notarize before arrival)

3.    Authorization for release of personal information (PPS-24)- (Notarize before arrival)

4.    Pistol Permit Applicant Address History (PPS-25)

5.    Social Media Affidavit (PPS-09)

6.    Valid Identification (New York State Driver’s License or Non - Driver ID)  

→  To download and print the required forms click HERE.

Step Four: Your Fingerprinting Appointment 

At your fingerprinting appointment, you will be provided with two copies of your STATE OF NEW YORK PISTOL / REVOLVER LICENSE APPLICATION, SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE LICENSE APPLICATION, a packet of supplemental documents, and a Checklist for you to complete.   

Step Five: Return Your Completed Application

Once you have completed and secured all your required documents and completed your required training courses, you are to return the completed documents to the Pistol Permit Office. Contact the Investigator assigned to your case to schedule an appointment to return your completed application. If during the processing of your application, there is additional paperwork or information required from you, your Investigator will let you know. 

You must return all documents and the Posses on Premise or Concealed Carry Permit Course Certificates to the Pistol Permit Unit within 90 days of your fingerprinting appointment.         

 The review and decision process, which includes the review by the Licensing Authorities (Judges), may take several months, depending on the time necessary to complete a thorough review of your application and, due to the current volume of applicants within the process.

Please do not call the Pistol Office with appointment registration questions. For immediate registration needs, call 845-291-4005.