1. Sheriff's Office
  2. County Clerk's Office


Applicant must be 21 years of age, a resident of New York State; or if you are a business owner, your principal place of business must be in New York State to apply for a permit. In either case, you apply to the county in which you live or have your principal place of business.


A check or Money Order in the amount of $108.25 made payable to the Orange County Commissioner of Finance.

Purpose or Reason for the Permit

Application requires the use: sporting, business, or full carry.

Processing Time

The background investigation for a pistol permit takes approximately 6 months but is dependent upon the applicant’s diligence and timely submission of documents.


No expiration date on New York State pistol permits in Orange County.

Handgun Safety Course

Must be completed and certificate must accompany the Pistol Permit application.