Handgun Safety Course

The Handgun Safety Course, taught at the Sheriff's Office location, is four and one-half hours of lecture style presentation with practical application. The course introduces students to the basic operations of a handgun, safe gun handling, and general information related to confident and proficient gun ownership. Students will demonstrate basic safety and operational skills using Simunition training handguns, under the supervision of qualified Firearms Instructors.

The course is designed with the novice gun owner in mind and prepares the citizen for the unique challenges and responsibilities of Concealed Carry. Topics include handgun and holster selection, situational awareness, an overview of the Pistol Permit Application process, and New York State Penal Law Article 35; Defense of Justification.

The Handgun Safety Course satisfies the requirements set forth by the licensing authorities and the certificate of completion may be submitted with the applicants Pistol Permit Application. Additionally, students entering the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training program must complete the Handgun Safety Course given at the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff’s Office conveniently offers several Handgun Safety classes per month.

COST: $60

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Recommended Instructor List

As a convenience, the Sheriff’s Office maintains a list of recommended instructors from around the area who teach an approved handgun safety curriculum which satisfies the requirements for Pistol Permit Application. For more information see Recommended Handgun Safety Course Instructors