Recommended Handgun Safety Course Instructors

All Pistol Permit Applicants are required to take a Handgun Safety Course. The Sheriff's Office has established a list of recommended Instructors from around the area who teach an approved handgun safety curriculum.

If you choose from the Recommended Instructor List (RIL) a common syllabus is taught and an Orange County Sheriff's Office Certificate of Completion is issued. The certificate you receive from an instructor on the Recommended Instructor List is to be submitted with your Pistol Permit Application.  Applicants may also choose to take training from other sources and submit their training certificates with their Pistol Permit Application. 

 Instructors on the Recommended Instructor List are divided by geographical area in the county and their fees are listed. Instructors whose fee is marked with an * indicates that there are additional fees such as mileage, or discounts for multiple students, or private lessons available from that Instructor. Unmarked Instructors means the published fee is the only charge for the course. Pistol Permit Applicants are encouraged to contact the Instructor for a more in-depth review of their fee.

Recommended Instructor List (PDF)

NOTE: All students enrolling in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training program must take the Handgun Safety Course given at the Sheriff's Office location.

All inquiries email Range Supervisor Sheryl Thomas or call 845-291-4441. 

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