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Running for Office - NYS Board of Elections

FILING REQUIREMENTS: For 2023 Elections, all certificates and petitions of designation or nomination, certificates of acceptance or declination of such designations or nominations, certificates of authorization for such designations or nominations, certificates of disqualification, certificates of substitution for such designations or nominations and objections and specifications of objections to such certificates and petitions required to be filed with the State Board of Elections or a board of elections outside of the city of New York shall be deemed timely filed and accepted for filing if sent by mail or overnight delivery service, in an envelope postmarked or showing receipt by the overnight delivery service prior to midnight of the last day of filing, and received no later than two business days after the last day to file such certificates, petitions, objections or specifications. Failure of the post office or authorized overnight delivery service to deliver any such petition, certificate or objection to such board of elections outside the city of New York no later than two business days after the last day to file such certificates, petitions, objections or specifications shall be a fatal defect per NYS Election Law § 1-106.

2023 Designating Petitions filed April 3-6

2023 Independent Nominating Petitions filed May 23-30

2023 Caucus Nominations by Party Committee filed by July 27



Campaign Finance Information

Campaign Finance Webinars Available

Please visit:  NYS Campaign Finance

Call the Campaign Finance Unit at State BOE if you have any questions, (800) 458-3453

  • These limits are for the entire election cycle. Generally, the Election Cycle is either two or four years.
  • The contribution limit for family members is an aggregate limit from all the candidate’s family members (defined as a child, parent, grandparent, brother and sister and the spouses of those persons.)


Political contributions made by Corporations may NOT exceed $5,000 in a calendar year.

This is an aggregate amount for any and all political contributions made by that corporation within the State of New York and does not override the contribution limitations that the various candidates and committees can receive.


An LLC/PLLC may contribute up to a total $5,000 in a calendar year.  All contributions made to a campaign or political committee by an LLC/PLLC shall be attributed to each member of the LLC/PLLC in proportion to the member’s ownership interest in the company.


For state office contribution limitations including NYS Assembly and NY State Senate, please refer to