Hudson River 

The Hudson River Greenway Water Trail has been developed to accommodate two (2) types of users. The first typical user, the day user, is those looking to spend the day or a portion the day on the River. The other typical user is the long distance paddler, looking to explore the entire River and beyond. Within Orange County there are a number of access points to the Hudson river which allow car-top boat launches:


The Newburgh Boat Launch, is located at the Newburgh waterfront in the City of Newburgh. At the foot of Washington Street the launch offers a safe docking area for launching trailered boats. Car-top boats, canoes and kayaks are also able to be launched. Launching is allowed between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., there may be a fee with launching from this point, contact the City of Newburgh prior to accessing the River.


Kowawese Unique Area at Plum Point. Owned by New York State and managed by the Orange County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation it offers an idyllic natural resource which includes the ability to launch car-top boats. The Area is located at the foot of Plum Point Lane off U.S Route 9W in the Town of New Windsor.


In the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, near the Cornwall Yacht Club along Shore Road, the Cornwall Boat Launch is located within Donahue Memorial Park. There may be a fees associated with launching form this point, contact the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson prior to accessing the River.

Wallkill River 

The Wallkill River provides a number of access points within Orange County. The following are confirmed locations, beginning upstream near the New Jersey Border flowing northeast to the Ulster County Boarder.

The Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge straddles Orange County and Sussex County, New Jersey. Along Oil City Road at the point it crosses the Wallkill River in Pine Island, Town of Warwick.

At the time of writing the Non-motorized Transportation Plan, 2013 the New York State Department of Transportation is under construction of the redesigned Exit 122 interchange related to Interstate 17/86. Part of the plans includes the construction of a car-top boat launch to the Wallkill River.

Thomas Bull Memorial Park

The Orange County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department recently constructed a car-top boat launch along the Wallkill River within the Thomas Bull Memorial Park.

Pleasure Ground Park

Pleasure Ground Park a Village of Montgomery Park located along the Wallkill River. Near the pavilion, car-top boats can be launched into the River.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park in the Town of Montgomery is located in the center of Town. There is a long beachfront and fishing platform where car-top boats can be launched.

Delaware River 

West End Beach

West End Beach and Park is located between River Road and the Delaware River in the city of Port Jervis. Access to the Beach and the river is locate d at the intersection of River Road with Ferry Street.