Delaware River Trail

The Delaware River Heritage Trail is approximately six (6) miles in length and owned and operated by the City of Port Jervis; created to allow walkers, hikers, tourists and residents the ability to enjoy the historic sites and river vistas of the City of Port Jervis. See the Delaware River Heritage Trail Map (PDF)

The Route

The official start of the Trail is a Fort Decker, located at 127 West Main Street. Using West Main Street the Trails traverses northwest for approximately 0.03 miles. The Trail then turns left onto Ferry Street for approximately 0.1 miles, where it then takes left onto River Road traversing in a south easterly direction, following River Road for approximately 0.38 miles to the intersection of Lumber Street. At this point River Road turns into Water Street, the Trail continues on Water Street for approximately 0.15 miles and turns left onto Pike Street / U.S Route 6. 

The Trail continue northeast on Pike Street for approximately 0.06 miles and turns right onto King Street. King Street dead ends at Riverside Park after approximately 0.21 miles. Once in the park, circumvent the ball field to access the existing dike for views of the Delaware River and the High Point monument. In order to continue, the trail loops back to King Street, back to Pike Street, and then turns right in a northeasterly direction through the underpass for approximately 0.17 miles, Following U.S Route 6. Upon exiting the underpass, the Trail circles to the right following MacArthur Circle and turning left onto Front Street. After approximately 0.18 miles Front Street becomes Jersey Avenue. The Trail continues on Jersey Avenue for approximately 0.71 miles and turns right onto East Main Street / U.S Route 6. The Trail follows East Main Street for approximately 0.22 miles and turns right onto South Street. Traversing in a northwesterly direction for approximately 0.10 miles, at the intersection with High Street the Trail enters Laurel Grove Cemetery. The Trail follows the Delaware River within the Cemetery, approximately 0.52 miles to the Tri-States Rock in the vicinity of the intersection of the Delaware and Neversink Rivers. Tri-States Rock represents the unifying point of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

The Trail exits the Cemetery along the Neversink River, approximately 0.56 miles at the intersection of East Main Street and South Street. Continuing on East Main Street for approximately 1.26 miles, at some point East Main Street becomes West Main Street, the Trails turns left in a southwesterly direction onto Sussex Street. In approximately 0.10 miles the Trail turn right on to N Broome Street, passing Orange Square, the Trail turns left onto Pike Street and then a quick right onto W Broome Street. After approximately 0.11 miles, the Trail turns right onto Canal Street. Using Canal Street the Trail returns to West Main Street after 0.08 miles. Continuing on West Main Street in a north easterly and easterly direction for approximately 0.64 miles, the Trail eventually ends back a Fort Decker.