Highlands Falls Trail

The Highland Falls Greenway Trail begins at the West Point Visitor’s Center and winds through the Village of Highlands falls for approximately two (2) miles ending back at the Visitor’s Center, highlighting historic buildings and public parks along Main Street. View the Highland Falls Greenway Trail Map (PDF).

The Route

Beginning at West Point Visitors Center, cross West Point Highway and Main Street.Traverse in a southerly direction along Main Street approximately 0.42 miles to Walnut Avenue. Follow Walnut Avenue in a westerly direction for approximately 0.21 miles to Roe Park. Once the Trial accesses Roe Park there is any number of possibilities to continue on and access main Street/NYS Route 218. 

The first option is to use Walnut Avenue to gain access to the cemetery towards Dale Avenue A second option if to traverse in a southerly direction along Roe Avenue for approximately 0.14 miles, traverse in a generally easterly direction along Villa Parkway for approximately 0.31 miles. Turn left onto Main Street / New York State Route 218 in northerly direction for approximately 0.22 miles to 0.35 miles, passing Memorial Park. Continue for approximately 0.32 miles, turn right in a easterly direction onto Veteran's Way past Veteran’ Park and the Hostage Monument then left onto West Point Highway ending back at the West Point Visitor’s Center.