Pochuck State Forest

Located in the Town of Warwick, Pochuck State Forest incorporates 503 acres owned by the State of New York, originally purchased in order to promote forest health, timber production, wildlife habitat, and recreational facilities. Additionally the Forest is meant to reduce soil erosion and protect water quality.

About the Forest

It is currently used to promote a wide variety of ecological, recreational, and economic benefits; including hunting, hiking, camping, and horseback riding. Informal Horseback riding and hiking within the Forest has grown in popularity. The land is undeveloped and has no formally marked trails, however, there are former logging trails, skid trails, and Public Forest Access Roads which provide opportunities for recreational access throughout.


The Orange County Land Trust is a non-profit group formed in 1993 with the mission of preserving the fields, forests, wetlands, ridgelines, and river corridors around Orange County for the benefit of the people. “From the beginning, the group had a clear set of goals: to protect and preserve scenic and environmentally sensitive areas of the county for future generations before they became lost to anticipated growth and development.” (Orange County Land Trust) To date the Land Trust has helped protect nearly 4,700 acres included in twelve (12) public nature preserves and almost thirty (30) properties with conservation easements.