On-road Bicycle Routes

A bicycle and its rider, legally considered a vehicle, are required to learn and obey the same laws as motorists.” (Cowan and Ping, 2011) It is recommended that users review the “rules of the road” in the appropriate sections of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws of New York State.

State Bicycle Route 17

State Bicycle Route 17 is a signed, on-road bicycle route that extends 442 miles from State Bicycle Route 9 in the Village of Wappingers Falls to State Bicycle Route 517 in the Village of Westfield on the shores of Lake Erie. This route also connects with State Bicycle Routes 11, 14 and 19, and the New York State (NYS) Seaway Trail. Utilizing the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, Bike Route 17 enters the northwestern edge of the County and meanders through the streets of the City of Newburgh in order to connect to NYS Route 207. 

Bike Route 17 utilizes NYS Route 207 to traverse the County in a southwesterly direction into the Village of Goshen, where it picks up NYS Route 17M / US Route 6. Bike Route 17 follows the roadway in a northwesterly direction and veers to the west on U.S. Route 6, just shy of the City of Middletown border. Utilizing U.S. Route 6, Bike Route 17 continues in a westerly direction into and through the City of Port Jervis. NYS Route 6 gives way to NYS Route 42 and NYS Route 97 / Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, just northwest of the City of Port Jervis. Bike Route 17 eventually follows the Delaware River along NYS Route 97 as it exits the County in Deerpark.

State Bicycle Route 208

State Bike Route 208 is a signed, on-road bicycle route that connects Ulster and Orange Counties. It extends from Route 207 in the Town of Hamptonburgh, where it meets State Bike Route 17, to Main Street in New Paltz at Route 32, where it meets State Bike Route 32.

State Bicycle Route 209

State Bike Route 209 is a signed, on-road bicycle route in Port Jervis, Orange County. It connects State Bike Route 17 to Pennsylvania Bike Route Y1 over the Delaware River, via Route 209 and the Mid Delaware Bridge.

State Bicycle Route 9 

State Bicycle Route 9 is a signed on-road bicycle route that extends 345 miles from New York City to Rouses Point on the New York - Quebec border. This route connects with the Velo Quebec cycling routes in Quebec and eastern Canada. It also intersects with the New York City bicycle route network and State Bicycle Routes 5, 11 and 17, and the NYS Canalway Trail.