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How To Prepare For The Exam

In most cases you will have some time between when you apply for an examination and the date of the test. You can use this time to better prepare yourself so that you can do your best on the test date.

The examination announcement will always provide information on what the test will cover. The announcement's "Subject of Examination" section will list the areas that the test will cover. Usually, the announcement will contain (or indicate where you can get) an "expanded description" of what will be covered. These paragraph-long descriptions provide additional information on the material upon which you will be tested, and you should read these sections very carefully.


The Orange County Department of Human Resources does not endorse or provide recommendations regarding the test preparation guides that are published by many private companies. This department is not responsible for the content of such materials, and cannot attest to their relevance to any particular examination you may be preparing for. However, if the New York State Department of Civil Service has made a study guide available, then that information will appear on the examination announcement.

Access the Guides

These New York State Department of Civil Service-developed Study Guides are available online.