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What is the Division of Children and Family Services?

The Orange County Department of Mental Health (OCDMH) through the Division of Children and Family Services is responsible for planning, development, and coordination of services for children with mental health issues and their families. This task involves cross-system collaboration with other county departments, schools, community agencies, parents/caregivers and youth.  

In addition the Division Director is the Local Government Unit (LGU) for all mental health programs that provide services to children and youth and are licensed by the NYS Office of Mental Health. LGU responsibilities include fiscal and programmatic oversight for each of these programs which include clinics, ambulatory care, family support, and school based programs.

Programs and Services provided under the Children and Family Services Division include:

Consultation and Education 

The Division Team Leader and several clinicians from OCDMH, provide clinical support consultation, education, and technical assistance for agencies and schools who request such support. In addition, the Division Team Leader facilitates groups for children, youth, and families to improve coping, communication, and parenting skills. The emphasis for parents is on Positive Behavioral Supports. The groups for children and youth promote pro-social behaviors, anger management strategies, and leadership skills. Questions about upcoming groups can be forwarded to Christine Franke by calling 291-2600 or by e-mail [email protected] 

Court Ordered Mental Health Assessments

Court ordered mental health assessments are provided through the Mental Health Assessment Team (MHAT). MHAT receives referrals from Family Court on matters involving custody, visitation, and child abuse/neglect. Additionally, they can receive referrals for Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) and juvenile delinquency proceedings, as well as requests to provide forensic assessments.

Also, MHAT has partnered with DSS to provide home assessments and therapeutic intervention with preventive, foster and/or adoptive families whom, for numerous reasons, have difficulty attending traditional outpatient treatment.

Single Point of Access (SPOA) to mental health services for children and youth with serious emotional and behavioral challenges 

What is SPOA??

Each local government in New York State has been asked to designate a Single Point of Access for Children and Families (SPOA). The purpose of the SPOA is to: 
  • Identify children with the highest risk for placement.                 
  • Develop strategies to manage these children in their home communities using an individualized, strength-based approach.                 
  • Develop better decisions about individualized care planning for children at risk.                 
  • Support communities to manage access to intensive services. 
SPOA services can be accessed through Orange County System of Care. www.mysystemofcare.org. On the System of Care webpage you will find information about eligibility and how to refer a child or youth for System of Care services. You will also learn about the System of Care Initiative and Wraparound Planning.

There are many supports and services available to all children, youth and families in Orange County. Some have eligibility requirements and others are available to all.
The Orange County Children’s Services document in the Files and Documents section below has a list of many of these supports and services along with contact information.

Another great source of supports and services is the Orange County Youth Bureaus’ Orange County Youth & Family Services Directory.

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