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At this time, we are asking that all referrals to the Childrens System of Care be sent by encrypted email to the OCSOC@orangecountygov.com mailbox.

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What is the Division of Children and Family Services?

The Orange County Department of Mental Health (OCDMH) through the Division of Children and Family Services is responsible for planning, development, and coordination of services for children with mental health issues and their families. This task involves cross-system collaboration with other county departments, schools, community agencies, parents/caregivers and youth.

In addition the Division Director is the Local Government Unit (LGU) for all mental health programs that provide services to children and youth and are licensed by the NYS Office of Mental Health. LGU responsibilities include fiscal and programmatic oversight for each of these programs which include clinics, ambulatory care, family support, and school based programs.

The Orange County Children System Services Division utilizes a System of Care philosophy.

What is System of Care?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the help you need for a youth or young adult that you care about. The right programs and services are not always easy to find, especially in times of crisis. Eligibility criteria can be confusing and often a youth or young adult’s needs do not fit neatly into a single box that can be addressed by one agency or system. Acronyms and agency lingo can be an "alphabet soup," and a family may not know where to turn. Without support, and a helping hand from caring people who are familiar with "the system," the road to wellness and recovery for a youth or young adult with mental health needs, and their families, can be a long and lonely one.

Orange County System of Care has made a commitment to work together with youth and families to make our system better. We have, through our Children Single Point of Access (C-SPOA), developed a "pathway to care" for children and youth with behavioral and emotional challenges, and their families.

Through Orange County System of Care/C-SPOA, youth and families, and providers can call one number, 845-360-6710, and receive:

  • Linkage and referrals to community-based services and supports.
  • Cross-system case conferencing, as necessary.
  • Services and supports can include care management home based assessment by children's outreach team, wraparound planning, home based crisis services, and family and youth peer supports.
  • Consultation with therapist and family partner (children's outreach team) including safety planning.

What is C-SPOA?

Each local government in New York State has been asked to designate a Single Point of Access for Children and Families (C-SPOA). C-SPOA aims to: 
  • Reduce risk for out of home placement/hospitalization                 
  • Develop strategies to assist children, youth and their families in their home communities using an individualized, strength-based assessment.                 
  • Develop better decisions about individualized care planning for children at risk.        
  • Assist with linkage to appropriate services.
C-SPOA services can be accessed by completing the following application.

There are many supports and services available to all children, youth and families in Orange County. Some have eligibility requirements and others are available to all. To view a list of many of these services click here.

Please view additional supports and services for children and families in Orange County and Orange County Children's Services Orange County Youth & Family Services Directory.

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Children and Family Services
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