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If you are applying for a Handgun Permit in Orange County you will need to schedule an appointment for Fingerprinting. Fingerprints are done only at the Sheriff's Office. Appointments for fingerprinting are currently being scheduled approximately six months out. Register for your fingerprinting appointment first. Then, schedule your Handgun Safety Course. 

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For other inquiries contact the Pistol Office Unit at 845-291-7932.

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Training Program Courses

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Civilian Tactical Handgun Training prepares law-abiding citizens for safe and responsible gun ownership and Concealed Carry. Students receive hands-on instruction from qualified Firearms Instructors, using state of the art presentations with laser and Simunition® training handguns, all in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The multi-phase training builds on each subsequent course and assists students with the development of a personal self-defense plan. All students enrolling in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training program must complete the Handgun Safety Course taught at the Sheriff’s Office, regardless of prior training or being a Pistol Permit holder.

Handgun Safety Course

Handgun Safety Course

The Handgun Safety Course introduces students to basic operations of a handgun, safe gun handling, and general information related to confident and proficient gun ownership. The course focuses on aspects related to Concealed Carry and includes an overview of the Pistol Permit Application process and the New York State Penal Law Article 35. Students will demonstrate basic safety and operational skills using Simunition®  and training handguns, under the supervision of qualified Firearms Instructors. 

The Handgun Safety Course satisfies the requirement for the New York Pistol Permit and is required for enrollment in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training program. Cost: $60

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Handgun Safety Course

Simunition®  Shooting Courses

Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun (FOTH 1)

The Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun course is an introduction to handling a handgun safely and proficiently with a step-by-step approach to the basic fundamentals of marksmanship shooting. Students develop and perform basic shooting skills using Simunition®  (non-lethal training cartridge) and training handguns. 

Completion of the Handgun Safety Course (taken at the Sheriff’s Office location) is required prior to enrollment in FOTH. A pistol permit is not required. Cost: $85

Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun II (FOTH 2)

The purpose of Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun II is to practice the basic shooting skills introduced in Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun. The course consists of repetitious drill practice reinforcing "accuracy shooting" with one-on-one Instructor guidance, in a small group setting.  Simunition®  and training handguns are used.

Completion of FOTH is required prior to enrollment in FOTH 2. A pistol permit is not required. Cost: $85

Tactical Mindset (TM) 

The Tactical Mindset course is classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of the fundamentals of shooting for "defensive accuracy" under stress. The course focuses on preparing the mind and body for real-world violent encounters. 

Topics include situational awareness, hardening a target, avoiding conflict, physical and emotional responses to an attack, and fundamentals of defensive shooting. Techniques for the development of a personal Self-Defense Plan are discussed. Drills are performed using Simunition®  and training handguns.

Completion of Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun II is required to enroll. A pistol permit is not required. Cost: $85

Tactical Decision Making (TDM) 

The Tactical Decision Making course is one-on-one real-world scenario training with Police Firearms Trainers. The training consists of reality-based scenarios inside the home and away from home using Simunition®  and training handguns. Students make "shoot/don’t shoot" decisions and learn important life-saving strategies needed to survive a violent encounter. 

The completion of the Handgun Safety Course, Fundamentals of tactical Handgun (FOTH), FOTH 2, and Tactical Mindset is required. TDM is scheduled at various times during the year. A pistol permit is not required.  Cost: $75

Items Required for ALL Simunition® Shooting Classes

Live Fire Shooting Courses

Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun (FOTH 3)

Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun LIVE (formally Tactical Firearms Training is three to four hours of small group training and drill practice at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Firearms Training Facility. Students review and perform skills learned in previous program training courses using their personal handgun, holster system, and ammunition.

The Handgun Safety, Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun 1, Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun 2, and Tactical Mindset, must be completed before enrollment in FOTH 3. A pistol Permit is required.  Cost: $75

Free Courses 

Use of Force/NYS Penal Law Article 35

The Use of Force course is a review of the elements of NYS Penal Law Article 35 related to the use of Deadly Physical Force. Using a series of videos featuring real-world encounters, students are encouraged to engage in an Instructor-led discussion. 

Students may enroll in the Use of Force Course any time after they have completed the Handgun Safety Course (taken at the Sheriff’s Office location) and are invited to attend multiple classes to improve confidence with the understanding of the law. This course is scheduled every other month.  Cost: No charge

Civilian Response to a Hostile Event

The Civilian Response to a Hostile Event course is a two-hour presentation with Q & A, preparing civilians for the reality of terrorism and "active shooter" situations. Students may enroll in the course any time after they have completed the Handgun Safety Course (taken at the Sheriff’s Office location). The course is scheduled twice a year.  Cost: No Charge.

Women’s Program

The Women’s Program empowers women gun owners by offering opportunities for like-minded women to gather for social, educational, and training purposes. Many women enrolled in the Women’s Program are students who have completed Civilian Tactical Handgun Training courses. The Sheriff’s Office also invites women who have a Pistol Permit, are in the application process, or are considering obtaining a Pistol Permit. 

Scheduled women’s events such as the annual Women’s Concealed Carry Forum, will be announced through email. To be added to the Women’s Program Email List please send an email with your name, email address, and phone number to Cost: No Charge.

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