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Fingerprinting at the Sheriff’s Office will resume Saturday, October 1st

If you are registered for a fingerprinting appointment during the month of October, you are to arrive at the Pistol Office at your scheduled date and time. Do not miss your scheduled appointment

If you were scheduled for an August or September fingerprinting appointment that was suspended, you will also be fingerprinted in October. The Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Unit will contact you to reschedule a new appointment date and time. 

Please do not call the Pistol Office with appointment registration questions. For immediate registration needs, call the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Unit at 845-291-4005 or email


Concealed Carry Permit Course Training 

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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Civilian Tactical Handgun Training Unit offers citizens who are applying for a Premise, Business Premise, or Concealed Carry Handgun Permit a comprehensive training program that meets New York State standards for Concealed Carry preparation and firearms training. 

Responsible gun ownership involves the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The Concealed Carry Permit Course is a three-part training program with a progression from training handguns to live fire and with development of a personal self-defense plan, incorporating defensive shooting skills, situational awareness, and mental and tactical techniques necessary for survival in real-world hostile encounters. 

Part 1 

Part 1 is a hands-on, non-shooting course covering basic handgun operations, universal safety rules and safe gun handling, cleaning, safe storage and transportation, and an introduction to the New York State Penal Law Article 35.   Concealed Carry Permit Course Part 1 is available to those seeking a Premise or Business Premise permit.

Part 2 

Part 2 is a comprehensive classroom presentation and Simunition shooting class with a focus on state and Federal gun laws, statutorily sensitive places a permit holder may not carry, suicide prevention, and adverse effects of alcohol and drugs related to firearm safety. The class covers an in-depth look at the elements of Defense of Justification of the use of force and what to do encountering Law Enforcement after a shooting. 

The class covers the fundamentals of marksmanship shooting with a safety-first attitude. Training includes repetitive drills, using Simunition and laser handguns, designed to develop and improve accuracy and speed. The student is introduced to shooting from a holster and moving while shooting.  

Part 3 

Part 3 is a combined classroom presentation and shooting class with focus on development of a personal self-defense plan, situational awareness, conflict management and de-escalation of a hostile event. Training is designed to improve marksmanship fundamentals and introduce defensive shooting skills and strategy using Simunition  training handguns.   The class will include the successful passage of the required written exam and shooting qualification. 

Cost & Registration 

The cost for the three-part training is $350.  The cost of Part 1 for a Premise/Business Premise Permit is $80.The fee is to be paid in full at the time of registration.  Register here:

For more information about the Concealed Carry Permit Course content contact Range Supervisor Sheryl Thomas at or call 845-291-4441. 


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