Algonquin Park


This park has areas for both passive and active recreationAlgonquin round house, in a historic setting that features powder mill buildings and remains from the Civil War era. This park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Multi-Purpose Ball Field, Playground, Nature Trails, Pond Area, Fishing, Picnic Shelter, Comfort Station, Benches, Picnic Tables, Grills and Parking.

Fee Structure (PDF)
Policies and Procedures


Algonquin Park opens in the beginning of April and closes mid November (weather permitting).Algonquin dam and waterfall

The Algonquin Park softball and soccer fields have serviced the general public since 1936. This 41 acre park offers an attractive setting for family picnicking amid the shells of several Civil War period Powder Mill buildings.

Fishing: A pond is available for everyone’s fishing enjoyment at no charge. Fishing may be done along the banks of the pond, in addition to the landing that is handicap accessible. Fishing licenses are required in accordance with State Law.


Group Picnic and Play Areas: Use of the softball field and the shelter requires a permit. To reserve an area, contact the Parks Administrative Office (845) 615-3830. The shelter floor is paved and electricity is available. When the shelter is rented, the play equipment areas will remain available for general public use. There are several different pieces of play equipment available for various ages.

Algonquin picnic shelter

Please Note: Facility Rentals require advance permit and payment of scheduled fees. Permits may be obtained for Algonquin Park by calling (845) 615-3830.