Organics Waste Reduction, Recovery and Composting

The organics waste stream is comprised of yard waste, food scraps and food soiled paper, totaling approximately one third of our total municipal solid waste (EPA 2013).  This page contains a comprehensive list of solutions per the EPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy for the diversion of organics in Orange County.

Food Waste Reduction

Save the Food - National Resources Defense Council campaign to prevent food waste through meal planning advice and recipes on "root-to-stalk" cooking.

Managing Business Food Waste - A step by step guide to managing your business' food waste.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Canning & Pickling - Learn how to preserve food through canning and pickling.

Food Waste Recovery

Feed Hudson Valley - Increasing the capacity for food waste recovery by recruiting volunteers to connect Hudson Valley food waste generators to soup kitchens and food pantries.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Gleaning Program - Volunteer to recover excess produce from local farms for local soup kitchens and food pantries.

Emergency Food Programs - A comprehensive list of food pantries and soup kitchens in Orange County.

Composting (Food Scraps & Yard Waste)

Orange County Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale - Pre-order composting bins, rain water collection barrels and more. Items to be distributed on the date and location indicated in the link.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Backyard Composting Programs  - Find workshops to learn more about composting at home in your own back yard.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Organics Waste Management - Information and technical Assistance on organics waste management for schools, farms, institutions as well as residents.