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  • A paper copy of a valid New York State pistol permit 
  • A paper copy of a current "retired" Police/Peace Officer's identification card from your former department
  • Safe and Functional Firearm
  • Safe and Functional hard holster
  • If for any reason the Firearms Instructor feels your holster is unsafe you will be provided with a suitable holster for your course of fire.
  • Two magazines required ( three preferred )
  • Reloading devices, magazines or speed loaders, and a belt mounted carrying pouch may be used.
  • 50 rounds of factory ammunition per firearm (No reloads)    
  • Eye protection
  • Prescription eyewear acceptable with over the glasses range goggles
  • Hearing protection (extra batteries if needed)
  • Hat or cap with brim
  • Range pants or comparable with belt loops sturdy enough to hold a hard holster
  • Shirts and outerwear that can be tucked into pants
  • Range appropriate closed toed footwear (Boots preferred) 


ARRIVAL: Arrive at the O.C.S.O. Tactical Facility/Range 5 minutes before the session start time. 

PARKING: When entering the range facility, park in the designated parking area to the left of the facility buildings.

ENTRY TO RANGE:  Enter the range only when you are instructed to do so. Wait in or near your vehicle for a Firearms Instructor to escort you onto the range.

FIREARMS:  All firearms are to be brought onto the range unloaded and in cases or range bag.

RESTROOMS: The range is equipped with a Port-O-John.

DIRECTIONS: For a map and directions to the Firearms Training Facility/Range see: Click for Range Location

Please Note: You will NOT be issued your I.D. Card on the day you qualify. I.D. Cards will be sent to you via U.S. Mail.

Registration:  Click to Register

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