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The Orange County Office for the Aging is committed to meeting the special service needs of Orange County’s senior population, their families and friends who care for them. Orange County Office for the Aging offers services, either directly or through sub-contracts, designed to maintain the quality of life of those aged 60 and over.


The primary goal of the Office for the Aging is maintaining the dignity, well-being and independence of senior citizens through the Office’s distinctive role as advocate and community partner.


The Office for the Aging’s web page offers a list of links that give a brief explanation of the services available. For additional information call 845-615-3700 or visit the office. Assistance will be provided by one of our Aging Services Specialists. Home visits can be scheduled for homebound seniors. Bi-lingual assistance is also available.

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2019 Needs Assessment Survey

Orange County Office for the  Aging is conducting a study to determine the needs of our older residents and what is important to you.  This information will be kept in strict confidentiality, and is used only for statistical purposes.

Click here to take the Orange County Needs Assessement Survey

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