2022 Special Committees

Economic Development Gaming
Kathy StegengaMichael Amo

James D. O’Donnell
Joel Sierra

Kevin W. HinesJoseph J. Minuta

Kevindaryán Luján

Labor Relations Advisory
Robert C. SassiKevin W. Hines

Leigh J. BentonMichael D. Paduch

Laurie R. Tautel
Joseph J. MinutaKevindaryán Luján

Leigh J. Benton
Alan J. Sorensen, AICP  - Commissioner of Planning

Laurie R. TautelBarry J. Cheney
                                                   Airport Advisory
George Casale

James O’DonnellJames L. Zock

Dan Bloomer, Director of Operations and

Erik A. Denega, Commissioner of DPWCost Control
                                                    Opioid Addiction Committee
                              ChairpersonJanet SutherlandKevindaryán Luján

Kevin W. HinesDarcie Miller, Commissioner

Robert C. Sassiof Social Services & Mental Health
                                                   Orange County Sewer District Number 1 Advisory Committee
                             ChairpersonPeter V. Tuohy Barry J. Cheney

Katie BonelliLaurie R. Tautel

Michael AmoGlenn R. Ehlers
                                               Valley View Advisory Committee
                               ChairpersonMichael AmoPaul Wiley, Acting Director, Real Property

Michael D. Paduch
Laurence LaDue, Commissioner of Valley View

Peter V. TuohyRosemary Kukys, CSEA Rep

Alicia D'Amico, Dir. of Operations and Cost Control