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KE Pistol Permit Newsletter

County Clerk, Kelly Eskew, has announced a Fraud Alert to Notify Property Owners of New Transactions

The Orange County Clerk’s Office is providing a free new tool to help property owners protect one of their most valuable assets. 

With Fraud Alert, you can sign up to receive alerts whenever a document, such as a deed or a mortgage, is recorded under your name. Documents can then be viewed online or at the Clerk’s Office. 

“This is an easy way for homeowners to have peace of mind, at no cost to them.” Said County Clerk Kelly Eskew. 

You can sign up for free at Https://searchiqs.com/fraudalert/?CC=NYORA

 Please note there may be other property owners in the County that share the same name.

Deputy County Clerk - Kelly Eskew


scam alert

Another issue we would like you to be aware of is a notice from any company stating they can get you a copy of your deed for a fee. You can get a copy of your deed directly from the Orange County Clerk's Office for approximately $5. Contact us for a copy of your deed.

Please check back for any updates to this information.

Notary Services

Notary services are available free of charge.


Our goal is to continue to strive for excellent service to the residents of Orange County.

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