911 Registration/Project Lifesaver of OC NY

Thank you for your interest in the 911 Registry and/or Project Lifesaver of Orange County NY.  Please complete the attached form to apply for one or both services.

911 Registry

This free service for children and adults with developmental disabilities provides a mechanism for families and caregivers to submit vital information to be entered into the 911 system.  This confidential information will be maintained as required by law however, in the event of an emergency, the information is conveyed to first responders via broadcast over public airways.  Registration is voluntary and the information must be verified as current, annually.  Parents and caregivers will receive a request for verification annually.  If verification is not received, the person’s information will be removed from the system. To register someone, please complete and submit pages 1 and 2 of the form.

Project Lifesaver

This is a service for children and adults with autism, Alzheimer’s or related disorder at risk of wandering, eloping or becoming disoriented and requiring 24/7 supervision. Those enrolled wear a small personal transmitter around the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized tracking signal via radio frequency. If an enrolled person goes missing, the caregiver notifies 911 and a trained emergency team from the Sheriff’s office responds with locator equipment

To apply for Project Lifesaver, complete pages 1, 2, and 3 of the form along with:

  • A recent digital headshot; and
  • Documentation of a qualifying diagnosis of a developmental disability, Alzheimer’s or related disorder or OPWDD eligibility; and
  • Where applicable, documentation of legal authority (e.g. legal guardian, power of attorney, custodial parent) Note: In cases of shared custody, both parents must consent and agree to terms of enrollment and two schedules of supervision may be needed. 

If approved, you will be asked to remit a one-time equipment fee in the amount of $325 to the County of Orange; cash, checks or money orders only. Once received, the equipment order will be placed with Project Lifesaver International. Annually, six batteries will be needed plus additional bands at a cost of less than $10.00. Please inquire about potential resources available for those in need of financial assistance.

The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services has awarded a very limited number of free equipment kits to the county designated for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They will be distributed based on caregiver income. Specifically, caregivers must meet current NYS criteria to receive benefits. For information on criteria, please contact Christine Smallin at (845) 291-2620.

When your kit arrives, we will schedule an appointment for pick up and enrollment. At that time, we will provide instructions and observe as you assemble, properly seal and conduct a transmitter battery test.

We are excited to offer this service.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.


Christine Smallin LMSW, MA
Director of Developmental Disabilities Services
(845) 291-2620

Project Lifesaver Kits = $325.00
Includes Transmitter -Lubricant -Six Bands/Straps -Six 60 day Batteries -Tester -Black “O” Ring -Magnet Board
Additional Batteries =$.95 Bands/Straps Vinyl or Nylon= $1.75 Nylon Bands Require a Snap Lock @ $.25 Each

The "Enrollment Application for 911 Registry and Project Lifesaver (PDF)" is a fillable form in PDF format. You may need to download the form to your computer and use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and complete the application.