Recording a Deed

*It is the policy of the Clerk’s Office to examine documents for recording requirements and NOT to determine its legal sufficiency. Even if a correctable defect or deficiency is discovered, the staff cannot change, alter, add to or eliminate any content of documents presented. Any changes you make before recording must be initialed. We can answer only general questions.*

Necessary Forms:

Check List for Recording Documents & Avoiding Rejections:

  • Grantor/Transferor/Seller is the same.
  • Grantee/Transferee/Buyer is the same.
  • Deed must be completed with names and address of  Grantor(s) & Grantee(s)
  • Grantor(s) must be properly acknowledged by a notary public
  • All signatures must be original.
  • Please submit the original documents, dated and signed. No photocopies.
  • The deed must include a legal description of the property including: state, county town and village. This may be found on a previous deed.
  • Page sizes are 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14
  • Minimum size for type is 8 points
  • Documents must be legible for our Optical Imaging System. Use black ink on white paper, no contrast or colors. Any portion of the document that is not legible will be cause for rejection. Absolutely no taping or white out tape over any written text.
  • Signatures and acknowledgement must match (i.e. if using an initial or a.k.a. it must be used throughout the entire document and any accompanying paperwork)
  • Any and all attachments, schedules, riders, or exhibits must be referenced as attached and marked as such.
  • Recording fees may be paid by check, cash, or money order.  Personal checks up to $250. Any other checks from attorneys or title companies or other companies over $10,000 must be certified or money order. All checks are made payable to the ORANGE COUNTY CLERK

Recording Fees:

  • $45 Flat Fee (Includes the computer generated Orange County Recording Page)
  • $5 Per Page fee
  • $5 TP584
  • $10 NYS Deed Fraud Letter
  • $125 RP5217 For Residential single family or Agricultural
  • $250 RP5217 For Commercial or Vacant Land
  • $5 Community Preservation Fund Form
  • $$$ Applicable Transfer Tax & Warwick Tax based on the Total consideration

All Payments Must be Cash or Check

We Do Not Accept Personal Checks Over $250.00 or Credit Cards