Certificate of Residence Form & Instructions

ORANGE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, 845-291-4822, OR 845-291-2485


Instructions for Certificate of Residence application



1.         When applying for a Certificate of Residence, you must complete an Application for Certificate of Residence in             entirety and sign the same before a Notary Public, who will thereafter sign the application and affix his/her notarial stamp.


            Please return the original application together with proof of residency as set forth below by mail to:

            Orange County Department of Finance

            Attn: Certificate of Residence

            255 Main St

            Goshen, NY 10924


            If you wish to hand deliver the fully executed documents, they can be submitted to the security officers in the lobby of the Orange County Government Center located at:

            255 Main Street

            Goshen, NY 10924


            Certificates of Residence will be mailed back to the home address provided on the application.


2.         Certificates are issued 60 days prior to each college semester and up to 30 days after the beginning of each semester. Beginning July 1, 2016, LATE CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE ISSUED. Certificates obtained 30 days after the beginning of the semester will be for the succeeding semester. Students will be responsible to pay the full out–of–county tuition for which the certificate of residence was not obtained in a timely manner. There will be no exceptions.


3.         PROPER PROOF of residence must be submitted to prove student’s residency, whether in person or by mail. copy of student’s New York State driver’s license, permit, Non-Driver ID card or other Government-issued Identification along with THREE separate forms of PROOF OF RESIDENCY must be submitted:


            a.         PROOF OF NYS RESIDENCY          –          1 YEAR PRIOR

            b.         PROOF OF ORANGE COUNTY       –          6 MONTHS PRIOR




            –          Automobile registration or insurance ID card in student’s name for preceding year

            –          Copy of student’s NYS income tax return for preceding year.

            –          Residential property tax bill or apartment lease in student’s name for preceding year.

            –          Voter registration card

            –          Utility bill

            –          Bank, credit or mortgage statement


            Proof must show street address; Post Office boxes are NOT acceptable proof for determining residency.


            If a student is under the age of 21 and has difficulty locating proof, the proof may be in a parent’s name providing the parent resides at the same address as the student.


            The burden of proof lies with the student, not Orange County Finance Department nor a community college. It is the student’s responsibility that the proper proof be provided.


5.         Immigrant aliens must have held an Alien Identification Card “Green Card” for one full year and be able to establish NYS and Orange County residency to be eligible for certificate of residency.


6.         Foreign students on the following visas do not qualify for certificates for residence: F (student), B (visitor), J           (exchange), C, D, H2A, H2B, H3, H4 if on H2/H3, M, NATO, O2, P, Q, R, TN, or TD visas.


7.         An Undocumented alien is eligible for a certificate of residency if the student received a GED or graduated from a NYS high school (after attending at least two years) and applies for admission to a New York State (SUNY) school within five years of receiving the NYS diploma.


8.         Download, complete and print the application for a Certificate of Residence (PDF) by clicking here.
                        NOTE:  you must download first in order to complete.