About the LRTP

The 2045 LRTP analyzes the needs and issues facing the County’s transportation system today and in the future, set goals and performance objectives that best reflect the hopes and needs of Orange County residents and businesses, and identify projects and policies to help us reach those goals. 

To comply with the latest U.S. DOT requirements for MPOs, the 2045 LRTP:

  • Adopted “a performance-driven, outcome-based approach to planning.” This entails modifying statewide and metropolitan transportation planning processes to “provide for the establishment and use of a performance-based approach to transportation decision-making to support the national goals [for the Federal-aid highway program] described in 23 U.S.C. Section 150(b) and the general purposes [for public transportation] described in 49. U.S.C. 5301”;
  • Considers pedestrian walkways, bicycle facilities, and intercity bus facilities as explicitly part of Orange County’s “integrated multimodal transportation system”;
  • Considers two new federal planning factors:
    • Improve resiliency and reliability of the transportation system and reduce or mitigate stormwater impacts on surface transportation; and
    • Enhance travel and tourism.
  • Expands stakeholder involvement engage with public ports and specific private transportation providers (e.g., intercity bus operators and employer-based commuting programs).