Meeting Agendas & Summaries

OCTC Planning Committee

The Planning Committee identifies transportation planning issues for consideration by the Policy Board.  Transportation Planning issues include but are not limited to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (known as the Long Range Transportation Plan), the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and special studies.  The membership of the Planning Committee is comprised of representatives of all the voting and non-voting members.  The Orange County Department of Planning MPO staff representative and the New York Department of Transportation MPO representative serve as the co-chairpersons for the Planning Committee.

Planning Committee Agendas & Meeting Summaries

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OCTC Policy Board

The Policy Board is comprised of the voting members of the Transportation Council. The Policy Board Meetings are held as necessary to accomplish the functions of the Transportation Council.  Policy Board Meetings are open to the public, and representatives to the Planning Committee are invited to attend Policy Board Meetings. 

List of Voting Members (PDF)

Policy Board Agendas & Meeting Summaries

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