Extreme weather events are a growing threat In Orange County with the potential to wipe out critical transportation infrastructure, disrupting the local and regional economy by preventing the circulation of people and goods.  The shifting climate will contribute to an increase in these events - including elevated temperatures, droughts, extreme storm events, high winds, and storm surges associated with sea level rise – which must be considered in future decision making and planning practices. 

Based on projected climate change data from the New York State Department Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), FEMA and the Orange County Hazard Mitigation Plan, OCTC, in coordination with OC Planning, has identified areas across the County that are particularly susceptible to the negative externalities associated with the above events.  OCTC is committed to integrating these identified areas and issues into future planning policies and coordinated efforts in an effort to mitigate the adverse impacts from projected climatic shifts while ensuring a safe, reliable and equitable transportation network for future generations.

Additional Resources:

  • Orange County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018 - contact the Orange County Department of Emergency Management for more information
  • FEMA
  • Orange County Critical Transportation Infrastructure Mapper - The map below was created based on research collected during the creation of the OC Comprehensive Plan Transportation Chapter (adopted May 2019) and the Long Range Transportation Plan 2045 (adopted November 2019). The interactive map depicts roadways, railways, and bridges located within the FEMA designated 100-year and 500-year floodplains in Orange County, NY, and the locations of park and rides, train stations, airports and the ferry crossing in relation to the floodplains.  If you are using Internet Explorer as a web browser or are unable to load the OC Critical Transportation Infrastructure Mapper, please use the following link to access the online interactive map: