**Effective 4/27/2020**

Procedure for Map Filing (PDF) - Click Here

Subdivision, Lot line change & Condominium Maps

The Map Department at the County Clerk’s Office has subdivision maps on file, copies are available to purchase for a fee of $9 per each map sheet.


County Clerk filing fee is $10 for each sheet of the mylar map. Conformed copies of filed subdivision maps may be obtained for additional $3 fee for each complete filed map (a free conformed copy will be provided).

 A Tax Map Certificate which is obtained from our Finance Department (please call 845-291-2485 for current fee) and a Real Property Certificate (please call 845-291-2490 for current fee) are required to file with each subdivision map in the County Clerk’s Office. Download the Subdivision Filing Requirements (PDF) guide.


Please note: survey maps are not filed or stored at the County Clerk’s office.