**Effective 4/27/2020**

Procedure for Map Filing (PDF) - Click Here

Subdivision & Condominium Maps

The Map Department at the County Clerk’s Office has subdivision maps on file, copies are available to purchase for a fee of $9 per each map sheet.


County Clerk filing fee is $10 for each sheet of the mylar map.

 A Tax Map Certificate which is obtained from our Finance Department (please call 845-291-2485 for current fee) and a Real Property Certificate (please call 845-291-2490 for current fee) are required to file with each subdivision map in the County Clerk’s Office. Download the Subdivision Filing Requirements (PDF) guide.

Conformed copies of filed subdivision maps may be obtained for additional $3 fee for each complete filed map (a free conformed copy will be provided upon request).


Please note: survey maps are not filed or stored at the County Clerk’s office.