Metropolitan Mobility Network


The Metropolitan Mobility Network, which was originally created by NYMTC in the late 1990s as an advisory working group to NYMTC’s Program, Finance and Administration Committee, has been re‐established by NYMTC after several years of inactivity in conjunction with the MAP Forum in the multi‐state metropolitan region surrounding New York City.

As an advisory group to NYMTC, the Metropolitan Mobility Network (MMN) focuses on information sharing and fostering the development, enhancement and maintenance of integrated multi-modal management and operation strategies at the regional level – both building on and contributing to the metropolitan transportation planning process. A major objective of the Group is to make the regional transportation system safer and more efficient. 

The re‐established Network consists of the staffs and member agency staffs of NYMTC and the MAP Forum member MPOs and COGs that are involved in Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO).

For more information please reach out to the OCTC staff contact: Julie Richmond, Deputy Commissioner of Planning & Director of OCTC.

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