Multi-State Freight Working Group


The Multi-State Freight Working Group is the first working group to be formed under the MAP Forum.  The Multi-State Freight Working Group meets once a year.  

For more information please reach out to the OCTC staff contact, Julie Richmond, Deputy Commissioner of Planning and Director of OCTC.

Truck Parking and COVID-19 Announcement

Trucks are essential in maintaining our critical supply chains.  Their activities need to be supported, including providing sufficient and secure rest areas, food, fuel and bathrooms, as well as repair and maintenance facilities.  Some rest areas on key freight corridors are now open, though may be limited in facilities.  

As these critical supply chains are a regional issue, we want to reach out to the involved agencies and our OCTC members to make you aware of these issues.  This has an impact on all of our local economies.  

OCTC Statements:

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued guidance specifically for transportation and delivery workers operating in New York City.  The CDC previously recommended that residents who are leaving the greater New York City area self-quarantine in an effort to avoid spreading the coronavirus. In a statement published March 26, the CDC indicated this guidance does not apply to critical transportation and delivery workers. The CDC advises truck drivers to stay in their vehicles as much as possible, maintain a barrier of 6 feet when interacting with others and switch to electronic receipts, if possible.  Read more "Truckers Who Visited New York City Don’t Have to Self-Quarantine".  

Previously posted news articles: "Roadside Food Rest Closing Threatening Truck Capacity" and "PennDOT Reopens a Few Highway Rest Stops Shut by Coronavirus."

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