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The Multi-State Freight Working Group is the first working group to be formed under the MAP Forum.  The Multi-State Freight Working Group meets once a year.  

Truck Parking and COVID-19 Announcement

Trucks are essential in maintaining our critical supply chains.  Their activities need to be supported, including providing sufficient and secure rest areas, food, fuel and bathrooms, as well as repair and maintenance facilities.  Some rest areas on key freight corridors are now open, though may be limited in facilities.  

As these critical supply chains are a regional issue, we want to reach out to the involved agencies and our OCTC members to make you aware of these issues.  This has an impact on all of our local economies.  

OCTC Statements:

Online Resources:

As COVID19 has enfolded, the I-95 Corridor Coalition recognizes that the trucking industry is actively seeking status information on various areas (travel information, credential status, etc.) along the Corridor and that this page is a resource for them.  

The online CVO Portal focuses I-95 Corridor information of interest to Motor Carriers containing information, as agencies deem to provide, on Commercial Vehicle Operating, Credentialing, Registration, Taxation, and Permitting Requirements, Commercial Driver’s Licensing, Rest Areas and Weigh Stations, Tolling Information and Motor Truck Associations. 

See CVO Portal Link: 

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"With the gathering momentum of Covid-19 infections, the urgency and fear of losing our access to food is palpable. Food logistics, an industry that operates invisibly most of the time and certainly within the deep underbelly of the food supply chain, is suddenly in the spotlight... What we are experiencing is indeed a stress test of our food supply chain, nationally and globally. But constraints and stress invite creative solutions." Read the full story here: "Our Food Supply Chain Has Been Tested Before. We Adapted."

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