Connect Mid-Hudson Transit Study

What is Connect Mid-Hudson?

Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties partnered together to launch a new regional transit study called Connect Mid-Hudson.  The aim of the study is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the existing regional transit network, and identify opportunities to improve regional connections.

Key areas of analysis include:

  • Effectiveness of regional services
  • A review of service performance and customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Opportunities for new technologies and service models
  • Capital improvements to alleviate corridor congestion or capacity constraints at park-and-rides

Final Reports

Connect Mid-Hudson Transit - Final Report

Tech Memo 1 - Market Analysis

Tech Memo 2 - Service Analysis

Tech Memo 3 - Financial Analysis

Tech Memo 4 - Capital Improvement Analysis

Tech Memo 4 - Capital Improvement Analysis (Appendix)

Public Outreach

Public participation was a vital piece to the success of this study.  The Mid-Hudson Valley region is served by a number of transit providers, including bus, rail, and ferry operations. However, the services are spread among multiple public and private providers. The Connect Mid-Hudson study sought to take a fresh look at the effectiveness of the existing regional transit network in meeting the mobility needs of residents and visitors of the three-county region. 

An online survey was conducted in 2018 and publicized through press releases and 12 pop-up events around the region. In total, 1,295 surveys were submitted, where 75% of the respondents identified as transit riders.

Connect Mid-Hudson Pop-up event 2018Connect Mid-Hudson Pop-up event 2018