Community Initiatives

Local Complete Streets Policies

Four municipalities in Orange County have passed their own municipal level Complete Streets policies: 

  1. The Village of Warwick
  2. The City of Port Jervis
  3. The City of Newburgh
  4. Town of Chester

Local Projects

Warwick Walks

Warwick Walks is a 1 ½ mile walking loop designed to enhance the health and vibrancy the Warwick community. Created by a partnership between the Village of Warwick, St. Anthony Community Hospital, and Orange County Health and Planning Departments, the scenic loop winds its way through downtown Warwick; encouraging both residents and visitors to take a healthy stroll.

Map of Warwick Walks Loop

Port Jervis Fitness Loop

The Port Jervis Fitness Loop is a 2.25 mile long loop designated as a Healthy Orange Trail and marked with oval white signs every quarter mile. 

Map of Port Jervis Fitness Loop

Port Jervis Bike Repair Station

Orange County Planning and Health Departments, together with the Port Jervis Free Library and Port Jervis Outdoor Club, installed a public-use bicycle service station near the campground area of Elks Brox Park. The Dero Fixit station features all of the materials needed to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance. Attached by stainless steel cables are a number of tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, and two tire levers. Adjacent to the station is a heavy-duty air pump. You can change a flat tire, adjust the brakes and gears, or fix a wobbly seat. The library’s bicycle service station is free for anyone to use.

Picture of a Bike Repair Station in Port Jervis

Community Outreach

Bike Month 2019 Outreach Event

Orange County Planning and Transportation Council staff tabled in May 2019 at the Goshen Farmer’s Market to increase awareness about Bike Safety. Staff provided educational materials and held a public participation event to gather input on where people bike in Orange County.  Participants were asked to draw where they enjoy biking, identify locations for possible improvements, and were encouraged to leave comments on post-it notes.

Thank you to the local bike shop, Joe Fix Its, for providing demonstration helmets and bike lights.

Image of table, including bike helmet provided by Joe Fix Its

Image of Orange County Planning Department Staff at Goshen Farmer's Market, May 2019

The following map shows the results of the public participation event:

May 2019 Goshen Farmer's Market Event - Map of Results

Thank you to all participants! OC Planning Staff look forward to holding more outreach events in the future.